A city functioning like in the far west

A burning sun that makes the revolvers sparkle, saloon doors that close in squeaks, a dry cough that announces the beginning of the end ... We saw, reviewed and planned it on TV, yes, but still it was necessary turn. This city was created to work like this: to be a dummy city, decor of many westerns and cowboy movies.

What's this ?

A small town in the middle of a desert desert, with a peculiarity: that of being as stopped in time. This time is the time of the Far West, where cowboys skimmed saloons and ambitious looked dusty heaps in the hope of finding gold.

The TV, which of course was a joy to adapt the American stories to its sauce, still needed a plausible decor, which feels good authenticity, hot sand and fresh gold. It was therefore necessary a dummy city, which could serve both as a filming location but also a mini-residence-club-of-vacation where to lodge actors and members of the staff. This is how this place was founded, an isolated but ultimately busy city.

What do we do here ?

The city is visited quickly, but still visit. You can wander through the quiet streets, with the decor intact, and imagine yourself at the time of the gold diggers. If you expect a general brawl to break out, or a cowboy put it on the ground in front of you, you'll be a little served. When you visit the city, you can see that there are many extras who stay in their role all day (in their function as during their breaks). You can even integrate into this atmosphere. Just rent a disguise for the day or buy accessories to immerse yourself in the mood.

So, if you want to dive into a purely wild west, by wanting to adopt a style of cowboy, you will live beautiful adventures.