The different kinds of saddles for each purpose

When we talk about horses, we most often talk about races, on which many people get rich. However, in order to perfect his race, both the horse and his jockey need a saddle that is adapted to them, in order to put themselves in osmosis and have a chance to win the race.

There are different types of riding saddles

Indeed, when riding a horse, it is not always for the same activity, since the horse can perform many unsuspected activities. But for the most famous, there are different types of saddles that are specialized, between:

The initiation saddles

A saddle designed to facilitate the initiation of everyone to riding, ideal for real beginners, this saddle is wide and hollow, allowing everyone to wear the perfect position to maintain. Suitable for both adults and children, this type of seat has various accessories to help everyone stay in place at every canter.

The versatile saddle

Just like its name, this saddle adapts to any type of activity, and to any type of person, beginner or advanced and allows everyone to have a good time galloping. Allowing everyone to be at ease for walks, races, as well as jumping, this saddle is a real little gem.

The obstacle saddles

For an obstacle saddle, it is recommended that everyone rely on the used antares saddles nowadays, to ensure that the horse and jockey can be perfectly comfortable. This makes it possible to achieve a good obstacle course, both in training and in competitions.

The dressage saddles

A specific saddle that stands out for its long quarters, its long strap, and the hollow of the seat. This saddle allows the rider to better fix his plate, but also to increase contact with the animal.

The outdoor saddle

The ideal saddle for strollers, with a large padding and attachment points for luggage. This saddle allows everyone to travel for miles, and for hours, without even feeling tired, thanks to the comfort and softness it provides, both to the horse and its rider.

Taking care to rely on his instructions, it should be easy for everyone to choose their own riding saddle at this time.

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